Build your ad.

Your photos, artwork and text should be as large and high resolution as possible, this will ensure your ad will be crisp and sharp from across the room.

Specicifications for building a VineMaker ad.

  • 1200 pixels by 720 pixels
  • Minimum of 96 dpi
  • Large Fonts (> 18pt)
  • jpeg (maximum quality)
  • Filename must include business name


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  • We strive to provide the highest quality content, so we maintain the right to reject ads that may not currently meet our standards. If we see anything that needs to be addressed, we will inform you and provide solutions

What's next?

  • You create an Ad or We design one for you
  • Choose your options
  • Ad is proofed
  • Bam...Your ad goes live!
  • We display your ad in restaurants, bars, and other venues.
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Here is an example ad - not actual size

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